We welcome new members from all ages and abilities, and we don’t nor never will have a huge compendium of rules

The only things we ask are :

  1. Come out and meet us first on a ride or three – Make sure that you are getting what you want from your new club and members, we firmly believe its a two way thing!
  2. When you are ready to join – commit on helping out at one of the events that we promote throughout the year. The amateur sport is run by small clubs providing events for each other, so we are passionate that all our members put something back in.
  3. Be a member of British Cycling or another organisation that covers you for third party liability insurance.

Membership prices per year ( Jan to Dec ) are :

Junior Member (under 16) £10

Espoir Member (18-25) £15

Senior Member (over 25) £20

Ready to Join ?

Just two things to do  fill out the v2-mbc-membership-form1 and send it to our Membership Secretary.

Then pay through either British Cycling :

Or, Send a cheque with your membership form or pay directly into the club bank account.